‘Lady McElroy’ is the queen of all luxury fabric collections, and is characterised with the stamp of refinement and opulence. Our buyers are connoisseurs who concentrate their focus solely on sourcing fabrics that epitomise elegance and beauty. We pride ourselves in being committed, and ever determined, to unearth hidden gems from across the globe. We find that this range consistently yields captivated interest with our customers, which in turn, kindles and stimulates inspiration amongst the dressmakers.

‘McElroy Classics' promotes exclusive and distinctive fabrics from all around the world. The collection has an unstoppable reservoir of high-class classics flowing through its hands continually. Our buyers are passionate about what they do, and focus their energies, constantly striving to bring world-class and unique fabrics to the range, selecting only the finest of cloths, each which typify ‘the look’ our customers relish and thirst after.


Our ambition is to nurture and support our customers by using our discernment and wealth of in-house expertise to help them grow, continually serving them from an ever evolving collection of inspirational fabrics.